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Customer needs and expectations are constantly reshaping how brands show up in our current hyper-connected, competitive landscape. We see these key trends affecting consumer goods & services; food & beverage; restaurants & recreation; and retail.

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Operate 24/7/365 retail

Consumers value omnichannel experiences, and the customer journey to purchase is not binary. While each channel serves a different purpose, customers expect brands to be where they are when they need them.

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Harness the power of data

In a hyper-competitive retail environment, companies that eliminate silos and modernize their data platforms are able to create next-level customer experiences across brands and journeys.

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Create hyper-personalization with AI & ML

To provide the next generation of personalized retail experience, companies are leveraging the power of AI to create bespoke, highly targeted, predictive experiences unique to each and every customer.

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Check out of bad experiences

Brands hoping to leverage digital technology to reduce operational costs must consider the customer experience to be successful. Customers expect convenience but not at the expense of user experience.

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Develop mobile apps for more engagement

Retail mobile apps lead to more shopping with their brand and add to the omnichannel experience that customers want and expect. Integrating mobile as part of a frictionless omnichannel experience drives more shopping frequency.

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Reduce supply chain disruption

Optimize planning, develop more reliable forecasting, and detect patterns in data to anticipate bottlenecks. Analyzing data from transportation, distribution, materials, and more, in real time, improves resiliency.

Tomorrow’s retail & consumer goods landscape


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Enhance retail experiences with Intelligent Products

Increase customer satisfaction within the retail industry and elevate what shoppers have come to expect from traditional experiences.

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Integrated ecosystems are shaping the future of travel

The travel industry is making a compelling shift toward integration, driven by the modern traveler’s craving for convenience and personalization.

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