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The future requires solutions that embody the customer’s voice and deliver beyond expectations. Here are the key trends we see affecting discrete manufacturers, process manufacturers, mobility, aerospace, and construction & engineering.

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Embrace digitized engineering and quality

Digital leaders need to integrate manufacturing performance, quality management, continuous improvement, and engineering tools to increase efficiency and reduce errors.

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Pursue human-machine cohesion

Manufacturing organizations are investing in hybrid technologies that blend human and machine cooperation, creating opportunities for more value-added work on the shop floor.

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Drive efficiency with AI

AI transforms the industry by enhancing human productivity, not replacing it. Organizations must identify long-term value to stand out and disrupt effectively.

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Enable data integration and analytics

Efficient and resilient operations depend on seamless data flows throughout the production process. Plan for data science work alongside your data transformation.

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Integrate sensors and IoT

Smarter machines and supply chains, plus extensible data platforms and IoT asset management strategies, enable the opportunity to leverage sensor data to improve manufacturing processes and affect work at the point of activity.

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Prioritize continuity and security

Cloud and infrastructure providers and carriers enhance user proximity, reducing risks and optimizing experiences through closer connectivity convergence.


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Expanding horizons with intelligent track maintenance support

Kawasaki is taking on a new challenge: making it easier and less expensive for US rail companies to keep their tracks safe. Early customers are seeing the results in performance and cost savings.

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Tomorrow’s travel & hospitality technology landscape

Our Thinking in Manufacturing & Mobility

Intelligent Products improve the employee experience in manufacturing

Intelligent Products create better jobs for manufacturing workers, helping employers overcome the challenges of labor shortages.

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The industry’s best technology partnerships

Our partnerships with over 700 of the world’s leading technology providers help us fuel innovation and sustainable growth for our customers.

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