Who we are

Thinkers. Doers.

We’re passionate about technology, compelled by its potential as we help create the digital products, experiences, and technology-driven organizations that drive true change.

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Built from

Slalom Build is from Slalom, the purpose-led, global business and technology consulting company. Together, Slalom and Slalom Build can provide end-to-end solutions for our clients, wherever they may be on their journey. From early-stage strategy and technology wayfinding to digital product creation and workforce modernization, we’ve helped thousands of organizations transform to become relevant in the digital economy, helping our clients realize their vision and drive successful outcomes.

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We are the builders

We are the makers, the planners, the creatives and coders. Driven and empowered to build a world realizing the full promise of technology, we choose to imagine things made better—and then set out on a journey to realize what’s possible.

We’re dauntless, fearless, ready to explore, eager to build with our people, our partners, our communities and clients.

We navigate today’s challenges in rhythm with our clients, to focus the present, plot the next, and rapidly co-create the products and experiences that meaningfully shape what’s to come.

We’re thrilled by the opportunity to build the future we want to see, with anyone willing to join us. Ready?

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Explore life at Slalom Build

This is a special place, full of talented individuals with a unique perspective to share. Take a peek at what makes us tick and learn what it takes to build a career as a builder.

Life at Slalom Build

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Bring your whole self to work

Diversity of perspective, backgrounds, lived experiences. Together Slalom Build becomes the strongest partner for our clients, and the greatest advocate for the future of our people. Learn about how we’re working toward equity.

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In your time zone,
available anywhere

In cities across North America, Australia, Japan and the UK, Build Centers are well-equipped to help you start creating the future of your company. If you’re ready to start building something great together, here’s your chance to get in touch.

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News & press

News, notes, thinking and theories. Here’s the latest in the work we’re doing, and some thoughts on what we think is on the horizon.

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