Public & social impact

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The intersection of human approaches and technological innovation is reshaping the public landscape. We see key trends impacting federal & national government; state, provincial & local government; education; and nonprofit & philanthropy.

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Offer human-centric services

Organizations can better fulfill their mission by deepening the connection with the community, prioritizing the individual in every service and interaction.

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Modernize infrastructure

Prudent leaders are leveraging digital platforms to revitalize infrastructure, ensuring that services are more resilient and accessible.

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Provide equitable access

Citizens are calling for inclusivity and diversity, seeking services that reach and resonate with every member of the community.

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Adapt to the labor market evolution

To bridge skills gaps, access untapped talent pools, and empower economic growth, look to innovative education and workforce initiatives.

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Adopt emerging technology

Integrate tools like AI, machine learning, and automation responsibly into operations, focusing on ethical considerations to maintain transparency and public trust.

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Commit to holistic wellness

Amid significant challenges to mental and physical health, agencies are broadening the scope of technology to include all facets of well-being, recognizing their role in a thriving society.

Slalom industry outlooks


Enabling digital creativity for widespread well-being

PeaceLove worked with Slalom and AWS to develop Scribl, an innovative digital game that fosters creativity and well-being on a wide scale.

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Tomorrow’s public & social impact landscape




Food banks diverting produce

The MealConnect app has increased adoption from 22 to 200 food banks since 2019.



Increase in mood

After playing Scribl, the creative game from PeaceLove, one-fifth of users feel more positive.



Student retention after 2 years

The MyCoach mobile app helps Beyond 12 keep students in college into their third year.


Beyond AI: How Intelligent Products drive real impact

When is AI not enough? When you need real-world results that make a difference for your organization and the people you serve. Learn how to get your AI projects out of prototype limbo.

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