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In the rapidly evolving tech landscape, agility and innovation are indispensable. As the world becomes more connected, we see these key trends affecting hardware, professional services, semiconductor, and software.

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Explore innovation at scale

Customer needs are constantly changing and companies must embrace the new in order to compete. Harness emerging research and development to bring must-have products to the wider market.

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Deliver service excellence

To retain customers, lift brand reputation, and optimize upselling and cross-selling opportunities, leading organizations need to elevate professional services with a blend of technical expertise and client-centric solutions.

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Capitalize on the semiconductor revolution

The insatiable demand for faster, smaller, and more efficient components creates strong incentives to advance microchip technology.

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Cultivate modern software solutions

To power businesses and enrich lives, create software that adapts to change, protects from cyber threats, integrates with diverse tech stacks, and prioritizes ESG.

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Pursue sustainable tech practices

The environmental imperative is critical to minimize impact, maintain compliance, and align with customer and employee values. Commit to eco-friendly design and manufacturing, reducing the carbon footprint of technology.

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Stay current with cybersecurity advancements

As technology progresses, so do the methods used for cyberattacks. It’s increasingly important to safeguard digital assets in order to protect business continuity and maintain consumer trust.

Tomorrow’s technology landscape




Faster transaction processing

Beem handles 500 transactions per second, double the rate of the industry’s leading brand.



Faster approved quotes

LogRhythm accelerated its sales process for security and event management.



More partners weekly

Databricks has seen a surge in partners reviewed and onboarded every week.

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Scaling to the future

Whether it’s software, hardware, or any sector, Intelligent Products are proving their worth for technology companies looking to do more at scale for less.

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