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As post-pandemic demand returns, the travel and hospitality industry must stay ahead of changing customer needs to sustain growth. We see multiple key trends across airlines, auto rental, cruise lines, and hotels & resorts.

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Upgrade infrastructure for resilience

Travel companies can’t afford downtime or data breaches, both from an operational and reputation standpoint. Cloud migration and app modernization help provide better security and availability.

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Increase sustainability and eco-friendly practices

Consumer appetite for environmentally friendly travel options is growing. Digital tools and platforms are pivotal for tracking and managing resource use and implementing green initiatives.

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Realize value from data and AI

Companies are investing in AI to tailor recommendations, services, and communications, which requires robust data analytics and integrations across touchpoints.

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Build end-to-end journeys

Customers want seamless trips that encompass transportation, accommodation, and activities. Integration via APIs and shared platforms facilitates data sharing, unified booking systems, and cohesive customer service.

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Elevate guest experiences

Generate loyalty with the little touches that make travelers more comfortable: digital keys that open doors automatically, mobile apps that serve as virtual concierge, and smart hotel rooms that customize temperature and lighting.

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Automate service and support

Deploying technology such as generative AI, chatbots, wearables, and omnichannel workflows can increase efficiency for processes like booking, boarding, payments, and customer support.

Tomorrow’s travel & hospitality technology landscape




Increase in revenue

Booking revenue jumped after the launch of the integrated Hyatt mobile app.



Service disruption events

11M LoyaltyOne customers were migrated from mainframe to serverless without a hitch.



Reduction in escalations

Virgin Voyages experienced an immediate drop in call center escalations using GenAI.


Effortless journeys: How integrated ecosystems are shaping the future of travel

The travel industry is making a compelling shift toward integrated travel experiences, driven by the modern traveler’s craving for convenience and personalization.

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