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Generative AI is fueling the next wave of customer-centric disruption, with unprecedented opportunities for those ready to innovate in communications; gaming; marketing & advertising; media & entertainment; and sports & live entertainment.

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Compete in the attention economy

Ubiquitous connectivity and the attention economy reshape competition. Traditional models falter while new ones struggle; companies must evolve to thrive.

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Adapt to the advertising transformation

Amidst stricter privacy laws and cookie deprecation, adopting responsible data practices and utilizing customer data platforms, identity solutions, and data clean rooms becomes crucial for competitive advantage.

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Harness the power of AI

AI transforms the industry by enhancing human productivity, not replacing it. Organizations must identify long-term value to stand out and disrupt effectively.

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Streamline the media supply chain

Centralized content production hubs promise cost savings, with studios turning to cloud technologies and AI to streamline processes and decentralize production.

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Deliver next-gen customer experiences

As subscription fatigue sets in, companies must innovate with bundled services, leveraging customer data platforms, enhanced attribution, and AI to offer delightful, privacy-conscious experiences.

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Enable converged connectivity

Cloud and infrastructure providers and carriers enhance user proximity, reducing risks and optimizing experiences through closer connectivity convergence.

2024 Slalom industry outlook: Media & communications

Tomorrow’s media & communications landscape




Increase in clickthrough rate

A digital content publisher boosted engagement with more targeted promotions.



Concurrent users analyzed

A prominent streaming service built a data hub that delivers company-wide insights.



First-time buyers

After a data transformation, Are Media’s campaigns are delivering ecommerce results.


Intelligent Products ensure data-driven media companies thrive

Learn how Intelligent Products are improving customer experience with powerful AI for media and communications.

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