Slalom Build

Preparing for your virtual interview


Due to COVID-19, Slalom is holding all candidate interviews virtually. Even though we’ll be talking via computer screens, we’re just as eager to get to know you, and for you to get to know us.

Here are some steps for you to prepare for your interviews so they can be as productive and positive as possible. Your recruiting contact will be in touch to give you your interviewing schedule and log-in information.

Before your interviews​​​

1. Install necessary apps and programs
We use Microsoft Teams (with both video and audio turned on) for the interview, and AwwApp for any whiteboarding needs. If necessary, see the further instructions for AwwApp and Teams.

For technical interviews, we want you to be comfortable with any tools you’ll be using. Our goal is to understand your thought process. To that end, please have an editor of your choice (Notepad, IntelliJ, VS Code, Eclipse, Atom, vim, WebStorm, Visual Studio, Rider, Notepad++, Sublime) pulled up and ready to share.

2. Test your equipment.
Make sure your internet connection and computer work, including the microphone and camera.

Image of Virtual Interview_1
Image of Virtual Interview_2

The day of interviews

  • Think about how you appear on camera. Are you looking into the camera at your interviewer? Is your background distracting?
  • Raise your computer so that it’s at eye level or just slightly above.
  • Try not to be back-lit, and to have some soft lighting in front of you so your interviewer can see your face.
  • Make sure your device is plugged in or fully charged.
  • Dress in business casual.
  • Click Join the Microsoft Teams meeting to connect (your recruiter will send log-in information for your call).


What if I have trouble connecting?
Close the app and rejoin. If you still can’t connect, please use the dial-in number provided.

Do I need to use video for the interviews?
Yes, since we can’t meet in person, please turn on your camera for a more personal experience. Having said that, we understand that there are times when internet bandwidth can cause issues with video, and it might need to be turned off for that reason.

For other questions, please reach out to your recruiting contact. We look forward to talking to you. Good luck!