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What’s helping us help our clients see what’s coming? Here’s what we’re thinking about these days.

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Secure Build

The Age of the Breach: What is Modern Data Security?

To ensure your organization is fully secure, you need to consider four factors: culture, tools, policy, and training. Here’s a quick look at what each of these entails.

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Call in the Machines! Making a Use Case for AI/ML.

Advances in computational power, along with an unprecedented ability to store vast amounts of data, have resulted in staggering breakthroughs in the data sciences.

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Book Review

Robots? Inevitable and Soon: Read These Now!

Building the future takes constant learning. Here are three books we recommend to both build some brainpower and fan your future focus.

The Builder's Voice

What better way to understand what’s happening in the world of technology building than to hear directly from the people that are building the future.

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The Many Shapes of Site Reliability

When it comes to SRE, what team structures are emerging? How do you achieve the reliability & scalability benefits you’re looking for?

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Event Sourcing with AWS Lambda

A walkthrough of implementing the event sourcing pattern in AWS using Lambdas and other AWS managed services.

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Building a secure Kubernetes cluster with a basic CI/CD pipeline on AWS

A comprehensive tutorial for building Kubernetes clusters that are highly available, secure, load balanced, & integrated with CI/CD in AWS

Read On

Wondering how you can start building? Here you’ll find some great guides for getting started. Download and take ‘em with you!

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How to Eat an Airplane

Feel like everyone’s got this cloud thing figured out but you? Here’s an explanation of what it is, why it matters to your business, and how to make your move.

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Beginner’s Guide to BaaS

Learn how Build as a Service can help your organization build the kind of modern technology that will completely change your business, your industry, and your future.

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Age of Heightened Expectations

Looking to disrupt your industry while creating outstanding customer experiences? This is your connected customer playbook.