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Any _builders out there?

The Slalom Build Intern Program is open for business. This is the premier spot for budding technologists, developers, engineers, and more to begin their careers. But it’s not some glorified bug bash, or never-ending coffee run. No, you’ll be building real projects with real-life expectations and deadlines, alongside real team members. Really. It’s the perfect opportunity for builders of tomorrow to start creating their futures today.

We made Vaults best internship programs for 2020!

Vault opened up about the nation’s best internships in 2020, and Slalom Build made the list again and again. We’re proud to announce that in their survey of 400 organizations and 14,000 current and former interns, we ranked #75 on the Best 100 Internships list!

But a program is only as good as its preparation it provides its interns. And on that front, we scored big. Check out the numbers:

  • #12 Best Internships for Employment Prospects
  • #16 Best Tech & Engineering Internships
  • #21 Best Internships for Career Development

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Built with purpose

This experience is shaped by a few core beliefs:

• Learning is a team sport.

• A fully immersive program leaves a mark.

• Real-world experience is the perfect way to start a career.

• Anything worth doing is worth doing with a lot more fun.

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The Internship Program

With the goal of being the best place for the builders of tomorrow to start their careers, we've developed a 10-week program that focuses on building the latest in software and technology products. Our intern teams walk away from this experience having delivered a modern software product, utilizing the same tools and approach we take when partnering with our clients.

Icon for Underscore What you'll do

You'll work on creating an actual real-life product! In past programs, our interns have created custom mobile experiences for how Slalom manages time and expenses, as well as a candidate experience application for how our recruiters interact with our newest _build candidates.

Icon for Underscore Who You'll work with

A mix of cross-disciplinary teams of solution owners, software and automation engineers, designers, and automated testers using our Product Engineering Methodology. While being fully supported by our full-time builders.

Icon for Underscore Where it all happens

You'll work in our Build Centers based out of Seattle, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Toronto, and Boston.

Icon for Underscore Why this is so cool

It's an opportunity to gain a breadth of experience in a variety of fields and disciplines. We're talking deep-dive, hands-on, sleeves-rolled familiarity in the cutting edge of technology. It's not rocket science. Except, of course, when it is.

This experience confirmed for me that I made the right decision to change to C.S. and I want to do this as a career.

— 2018 Chicago Intern,  Now a current builder,  

So are you ready to start building?

Thought so. Builders like you are applying from all across the country. The internship class of 2019 is full, but check back soon for details on next year's program.

Interested in open positions? Hit the link and see what we've got.

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