Product Engineering Methodology

The road
to revolution.

Every project is distinct

Each has a personality as individual as the people who work on it. And what we’ve found throughout the years is that off-the-shelf, run-of-the-mill methodologies rarely serve the best interests of all involved. So we made our own. Our Product Engineering Methodology (PEM) is a living, breathing delivery framework in which we arrange people, skillsets, and ideas into fluid, agile teams. It’s flexible, rigorous, time-tested.

The method to the magic

Based on agile delivery and lean principles, with an up-front focus on MVP definition, PEM allows us to achieve consistency in delivery with speed and quality.

PEM Chart

Engage the right way

This is a partnership. Your goals are ours, your needs drive our direction. From the first time we meet, we give you transparency into who we are and how we work. We listen to your objectives, challenges, and hopes so we can best lean in and modify our framework to meet you where you are. It could be through engaging workshops or detailed sessions with your teams to learn and align on methods, technologies, or teams. We love the connection that develops.

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Image of Mobilize

Mobilize and define MVP through discovery

We start with a lean, mean close-knit team to prove the viability, feasibility, and desirability of products, then define an MVP with you. We start by interviewing end users, stakeholders, and team members, capturing their vision and objectives. We then determine the target architecture for the solution and create a prioritized, right-sized product backlog of epics and stories that define the minimum viable product to meet user and client needs. In parallel, we build a visual prototype or proof of concept with the future-state architecture blueprint. That way, we have a guide for what will be built and how it will work. At that point, we can ramp up a cross-discipline autonomous team to help bring the product to life.

Deliver an MVP and continued releases with speed and quality

We scale our teams to bring the perfect mix of talents and disciplines to get to MVP with speed and quality. Blending skills in agile delivery with cross-solution ownership, experience design, software engineering, test automation, continuous deployment and cloud operations, and analytics to create the right-sized scrum team. Beginning with Sprint 0, we quickly ramp the team, and then move into a repeatable execution cycle centered on the pillars of agile delivery. Throughout this cycle, we also overlay release planning activities and governance techniques to manage the overall initiative and work with the broader organization. After MVP, we follow with small releases, all of them incorporating feedback and real-time learning to help us continuously improve.

Transition on your terms

Transition starts when you are ready – and the earlier, the better. This can happen after discovery, MVP, or subsequent releases. The methods that we leverage, tweak, and adopt together will upskill your teams, so you can be comfortable in continuing the work within your organization. And because we blend and scale our team with yours, transition doesn’t become a huge handoff of packaged documents. Instead, it flows naturally, seamlessly, smoothly.

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