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Blending design, product engineering, analytics, and automation, the future is ours to build. Together.

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Welcome to Slalom Build!

We are a highly-scalable, high-velocity modern technology builder. We work with clients to close the distance between dream and reality, imagined possibility and technical realization.

We build the things that make things work – or simply work better. The software that businesses run on and the products & experiences your customers rely on, all while harnessing the data to help you see around corners. So you always know what's coming.

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Building business outcomes since 2011

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Build Clients

Representing nearly every industry, category, and business sector.

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Consumer-grade products built

Cutting edge IoT products, the latest in AI/ML, mobile POS systems, field automation, and so much more.

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Regional Build Centers

We put our builders close to the work to ensure velocity as well as scalability.

Build as a Service

Here’s the situation. Nearly every organization will need to become a technology company in order to compete tomorrow. Yes, even yours. With Build as a Service, you have an always-on engine capable of crafting custom-built modern technology products from the ready-for-use platforms born in the cloud.

With the right combination of experience, location, and approach, BaaS will get you where you need to go with the simplicity, quality, and velocity that your world demands.

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