Partners helping predict the future

Slalom and NVIDIA are on a path delivering intelligent products and experiences while unlocking the power of cloud-platforms and digital-native businesses. A partnership to take on the world’s greatest challenges, together with our customers.

Slalom Joins NVIDIA Partner Network to Deliver Cutting-edge Intelligent Products with AI and Cloud Services

We’re honored to announce our inclusion in NVIDIA’s Service Delivery Partner - Cloud Services (SDP-CS Program) within the NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN). This partnership advances our shared goal of building innovative solutions to solve customer business challenges.

Digital twin factory created with Unity and NVIDIA Omniverse

From train tracks to trained algorithms

Recently, we worked with a medical technology company to develop AI algorithms and making cancer screening faster, while complementing the work of cytologists. We’ve also partnered with a global manufacturer to deploy IoT, machine learning, and AI to advance rail track monitoring and maintenance. Together, Slalom and NVIDIA are driving new innovations and new digital businesses opportunities.

What we do

Business strategy

Define and implement a holistic strategy that maximizes the value of the cloud.

Data, ML & Gen AI

Illuminate insights and intelligence through modern data architectures, AI, machine learning, and generative AI.

Cloud modernization

Rationalize, migrate, and modernized existing applications and platforms to the cloud.

Product innovation & engineering

Design and build new, cloud-native, integrated digital solutions and experiences.

IoT & digital twin

Realize the value of IoT and industrial digital twin technology to bring physical and virtual worlds together.

Organizational evolution

Bring the entire business along for the journey by up-leveling skills, capabilities, and processes.

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