Intelligent Products
for Financial Services

Products that improve automatically through experience and data using Machine Learning are transforming financial services. Learn how we’re helping companies build innovative solutions to increase agility and inspire innovation.

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We’re helping all domains within Financial Services use AI/ML to secure successful outcomes for digital transformation initiatives.

Intelligent products have the power to help financial services companies innovate by making it easier to:

Increase development agility for faster iteration on next-gen services and initiatives

Automate fraud detection

Handle credit risk management

Personalize customer experience

Remain fully compliant with changing regulatory measures

Quickly process, analyze, and get key information from documents for due diligence, mortgage application reviews, and more

Remove manually intensive processes

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Delivering same-day funding with modern software

The Federal Home Loan Bank in Chicago aims to promote homeownership and is dedicated to upholding a commitment to provide reliable, same-day funding.

FHLBC case study

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