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The financial services industry is undergoing seismic shifts. We see several key trends shaping the trajectories of banking, insurance, capital markets, wealth management, and private equity.

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Navigate global growth in challenging times

Global economic slowdown and volatility is impacting firms, consumers, and governments. Ensure your business is resilient through technology.

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the regulatory labyrinth

Regulatory oversight is increasing across areas like capital limits, data privacy, digital currencies, ESG considerations, and competition. We can help you stay compliant.

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Address the digital customer quandary

Customers are demanding more personalized digital services as loyalty wanes and competition grows. Use data and digital tools to hyper-personalize your offerings.

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Leverage the technological tectonic shift

Advances in cloud, AI/ML, and data analytics are reshaping competitive dynamics. Companies must adopt these technologies to replace legacy infrastructure and stay competitive.

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Solve the talent conundrum

Talent strategies need revision. Demand for emerging tech skills is undersupplied while purpose and culture are growing and workplace dynamics have shifted.

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Adopt AI in a highly regulated environment

Advancements in AI are triggering a wide-sweeping phenomenon affecting almost every industry. If you are not leading the disruption, you will soon be disrupted.

2024 Slalom industry outlook: Financial services

Tomorrow’s financial services technology landscape


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Revolutionize your customer experience with Lightflow™

Transform the experience for financial customers by unifying interactions across all channels with AI and AWS, enabling hyper-personalized engagement and real-time insights for enhanced efficiency.





Faster verification process

Nexsys now verifies homeowner’s insurance in 15 minutes, down from 5 days.



Faster transaction processing

Beem handles 500 transactions per second, double the rate of the industry’s leading brand.



Cloud-based bank

FHL Bank Chicago is the first Federal Home Loan Bank that is 100% on the cloud.

Thinking in financial services

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The industry’s best technology partnerships

Our partnerships with over 700 of the world’s leading technology providers help us fuel innovation and sustainable growth for our customers.

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