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And engineers, makers, planners, architects, designers and on and on and on.

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Why Slalom Build
for your career?

Why Slalom Build for your career?

Because you’re hungry to build, excited to grow—as a creator and as a person. Because you’re one who dreams about working at the very edge of what’s possible in technology, and then does it. And because people come first here, we’re ready to do everything to support you.

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A team of teams

You’ll work closely with a group of likeminded tech pros, because collaboration is key to everything we do. It fosters mentorship, camaraderie, and truly great work.

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The chance to grow your skills

Here you’ll find opportunities to grow and change with the blistering pace of technology. Working in the latest—from the newest cloud architecture to cutting edge AI/ML.

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Global possibilities

We’re out there. And in ever more places. So your ambition won’t be confined to a couple downtown office buildings. Your perfect job can be found around globe.

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A place for you

The real you. The authentic you. In all your unique, individual glory. We’re building a place that encourages and supports every Builder—in work and in life.

Find your Fit

What’s your passion? How do you see yourself building your future and the future of technology? These are the primary focus areas that work together to build what’s next.

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Inclusion, Diversity & Equity

Slalom Build is a welcoming, inclusive, open space for people to build their fullest potential. By encouraging a wider divergence of thought, opinion, and background, Slalom Build aims to become the strongest partner possible for our clients—and the greatest advocate for the future of our people.

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Explore Life @ Build

What’s it like to work here? What kinds of support and resources do Builders enjoy? Take a peek at the people, places, and benefits that make Life @ Build so special.

Life at Slalom Build

Today's work. Your way.

Through multiple years of seismic shift, Slalom Build has remained committed to our Builders. We’re currently working in a flexible hybrid model where everyone is empowered to contribute from where they are. Whether that’s the office, the couch, or a favorite coffee shop our connection and dedication to each other—and our work—remains strong.

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What to know when you're interviewing

We get it, interviewing can be a stressful endeavor. We want to make your experience as positive and stress free as possible. Check out these tips for sitting down (virtually) with the Build team.

Get ready

Builders welcome!

Ready to get started doing the kind of work you were born to do? Good, we’re excited to talk. Check out what we’ve got available, and let’s get to work!

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