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Big ideas.

Big products.

Little egos.

Our Experience Design (XD) team works in a collaborative environment to design and deliver world-class innovative products. We believe that design not only exists at the forefront of every great product, but is integral to success at each stage of creation. And all along the way we solve problems and simplify complexity with a laser focus on the end user to ensure an unparalleled user experience. Every time.

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XD’s role in great product delivery

Our approach to is fueled by human-centered design. It’s not just about features, data, or bells and whistles, but understanding the needs of every user of every product and system. And here’s how we do it.

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People-focused, always

Wherever people connect with our projects, our XD team ensures we’re focused on those personal interactions. From mapping out workflows, to planning releases, to defining a product vision, we drive positive outcomes for real users.

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More than just design

A library of screen designs unfortunately doesn’t speak for itself. Our XD Builders are involved throughout development, using our full-stack experience to do everything from product strategy to user research, information architecture, visual design, and beyond.

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Collaboration at the core

We are the translators and facilitators between technology, design, and business that help us all work better and faster. We do foundational user research, prototyping, and testing, all while continuously designing and iterating ahead of—and with—the engineering teams.

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Designing intelligently

While just one part of the bigger picture, the aesthetic approach to a product is an important touchpoint for users. We lean on best practices and real data to drive an approach that ensures we are creating design systems that accelerate development and minimize rework.

Interested in learning more?

We don’t blame you. Our XDs are leaders in the field—and they’re not afraid to write about it. Take a peek at some recent articles.

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Age of Empathy

As with all stages of the product development process, empathy is a powerful tool in Discoveries at Slalom Build. Empathy is at the heart of our human-centered design philosophy and the driving force behind how we deliver value to our clients and their users.

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User Experiences need Human-Centered APIs

Behind every website and app, APIs are sharing information. They know where to find data and how to deliver it to interfaces. APIs make today’s experiences possible. As APIs do more and more, how do we ensure they meet people’s needs?

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