Transformative cell and gene therapies powered by data

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ElevateBio is a technology-driven company built to power the development of transformative cell and gene therapies today and for many decades to come. ElevateBio is accelerating therapeutic development – for partners and its internal pipeline – by harnessing data and AI-driven decision making. Slalom partnered with ElevateBio to begin the company’s journey towards building intelligent products by helping to transform its data architecture and making machine learning and development of new AI models possible.


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Developing possibilities

ElevateBio is powering novel cell and gene therapies, which are designed to treat or prevent disease directly at the source. These therapies are highly innovative and are being developed to treat conditions such as cancer, genetic conditions, and infectious diseases.

The scientists at ElevateBio engineer immune cells and genetic material to optimize therapies to treat disease. The amount of data that comes from these processes is enormous and additional sources of data from lab collections and other courses arrive from multiple directions throughout the engineering process.

ElevateBio approached Slalom seeking a solution that would bring the primary data sources into one place where scientists could easily access summaries and work together toward developing innovative therapies.

ElevateBio is striving to embed artificial intelligence and data-driven decision making into its integrated ecosystem that combines R&D technology platforms, therapeutic development, and end-to-end cGMP manufacturing.

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Sorting, cleaning, verifying

To build the foundation for ElevateBio to develop AI-driven solutions, the company needs to make sure its data is clean, correct, and accessible. Slalom brought data from various modalities and different sources into the platform and established relationships between entities.

We also replicated instrument data into the data platform. In addition, a pipeline to bring in new PDF articles from our reference management software can now be used for internal searches.

To best understand all current and potential use cases for the data, our teams conducted stakeholder interviews across all units and embedded a subject matter expert in the process. We spent many hours with scientists to understand their data needs and make sure they were being met.

In the process, we helped ElevateBio understand the importance of different kinds of data for their process- creating documentation and onboarding new users.

Making data more user-friendly

Making all data clean and accessible through the AWS cloud has simplified the life of a scientist. Scientists can now use the data platform interface to access summaries of gene sequencing files without having to write any code.

The data platform and model became a central location where scientists from across the company can bring their own models and test theories based on the data components the platform captured. This platform allowed the company to create exclusive data partitions, pipelines, and restricted access as per audit compliance guidelines resulting in an efficient firewall to protect their partners’ data.

By bringing data from multiple sources and experiments into the platform in a standardized format, the teams can adapt their reporting needs, look at data from a new perspective, and extract meaningful insights with minimal effort.

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A personalized touch

One of Slalom’s goals is to leave clients fully equipped to use the systems and technologies we set up, so knowledge transfer was an important part of this project. We were able to train ElevateBio’s employees on how to most effectively use and manage the data platform.

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We allowed ElevateBio to drive the pacing of the project and pivoted to meet specific needs and priorities. As a rapidly growing company, ElevateBio is still working on building internal technology and data capabilities that support its cutting-edge science, and we are thrilled to be a part of their growth.

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