AI-Accelerated Engineering

Realize up to 50% more speed and value across your technology-building efforts when compared to traditional methods of product and platform engineering.

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The technology landscape is evolving at an unprecedented rate, with AI kicking off a revolution that demands rapid and continuous innovation. Organizations are now in a race against change fatigue, seeking solutions that deliver both speed and value while juggling near-historic levels of budget efficiency.


of leaders say the AI skills gap must be addressed urgently


of technologists feel they have significant experience working with AI


increase in efficiency, speed, and value for Slalom customers who have adopted GenAI ways of working across the software development lifecycle

The impact of AI-Accelerated Engineering

Unlock the full potential of your engineering efforts with our AI-driven approach. Experience unparalleled agility, efficiency, and growth as we redefine what it means to not only keep up with the pace of technology, but push the barriers of innovation.

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Agility and Competitive Edge

Enhance your agility and swiftly adapt and maintain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving market landscape.

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Rapid Market Response

Seize market opportunities with AI-accelerated engineering that enables quick responses to demand shifts, ensuring you’re always a step ahead.

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Revenue Growth

Leveraging AI, you’ll drive significant growth by identifying and capitalizing on new revenue streams and optimizing current ones.

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Lower Maintenance Costs

Reduce maintenance costs with smarter, AI-enabled processes that streamline operations and prolong product lifecycles.

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Product Reliability

Ensure the reliability of your products with AI tooling that helps predict and prevent potential issues before they arise.

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Customer Loyalt

Achieve sustained product excellence that cultivates customer loyalty and fosters long-term relationships with your market base.

Slalom tools and resources

Explore our industry-leading solutions advancing the way generative AI is applied to real business and technology solutions.

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Free learning workshops and developer bootcamps

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8-week GenAI experiential learning program

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SlalomGPT™ for serverless and AWS

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DataGenius™ for data modernization

More speed and value

The proof is in the payoff. Customers that have seized the opportunity in AI-Accelerated Engineering are already getting results.


of new revenue in 60 days

This major cruise line drove unprecedented revenue growth through new generative AI-enhanced experiences for its customers.


increase in new code generation efficiency

A leading health insurance provider partnered with us to enhance their engineering team’s productivity by integrating cutting-edge generative AI technology.


hours saved annually

A global pharmaceutical developed a customer service platform with automated intake tools to handle adverse event and product quality cases.

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Preparing to deliver software with artificial intelligence

Reduce the amount of time it takes to start a new product build by more than 50% through our Generative AI-accelerated discovery approach.

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Unlock speed and innovation with AI-accelerated engineering

Go deep on how we’re helping customers achieve a constant 30–50% faster path to value with AI developer tools and integrations.

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Add AI/ML to products and platforms

We have been building products with AI and ML capabilities at their core for years. Learn how we can help you achieve the new modern standard for digital innovation.

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