AI-Accelerated Engineering

DataGenius™ for data modernization

Unlock a streamlined transition from legacy to leading-edge with our DataGenius AI tool. Experience effortless documentation, conversion, and validation while accelerating transformation.

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Solving data modernization challenges

Documentation clarity

Addressing the absence of current technical documentation and intricate technical dependencies.

Performance enhancement

Revitalizing underperforming tech stacks, streamlining migrations, and managing upgrade timelines.

Risk and compliance mastery

Ensuring strict adherence to regulations and validating system efficiency throughout transitions.

DataGenius™ solution features

Knowledge on demand

Transforming complex code into multilingual plain language and crafting concise, ready-for-future documentation.

Simplified conversion

Converting complex logic into clear business terms and employing AI for smooth transitions and new code generation with ease.

Empowered validation

Focusing on business-led migration validation and providing expert verification of AI-generated code.

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