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Learn how you can achieve a 30–50% increase in productivity by empowering your teams with the knowledge and skills to harness generative AI developer tools.

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One day, enduring benefits

This workshop is geared toward software developers, architects, product managers, and technology leaders.

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GenAI and GitHub Copilot

Understand generative AI’s role in software development and how it can be tailored.

Real-world applications

See showcases of practical GenAI applications, highlighting its versatility and impact.

Workflow and process focus

Receive guidance on integrating generative AI into existing workflows, adapted for innovation and efficiency.

Making an adoption plan

Develop a strategic, actionable plan for adopting GitHub Copilot, tailored to your team’s needs.

Prompt engineering

Get an introduction to prompt engineering’s crucial role in optimizing generative AI outcomes.

Tailored examples and POCs

Explore customized GenAI use cases and a Slalom POC to actualize generative AI in your business.

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