Mainframe Modernization

Advances in automation and cloud computing power make it worthwhile to move off the mainframe completely.

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Why now?

Mainframe modernization has come a long way from the days of reading COBOL line by line. Here’s what you can expect today.

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Lower costs

Automated refactoring and unit testing slash the manual effort needed to modernize and deploy. Cloud technologies let applications scale in a cost-predictable way.

More efficiency

Modern code converters automatically understand existing code and generate refactored and elegant code in Java or .net.

Less risk

Current change-data-capture and data conversion tools reduce the risk of data loss and data parity before and after modernization.

Earlier return on investment

New replatforming options, as well as Agile techniques during refactoring, deliver ROI sooner, which helps fund the remaining phases of the modernization.


The upside of modernization now outweighs the risks and costs. The balance is tipped in favor of updating code, platform, and architecture, instead of keeping the old systems chugging along.

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Why modernize with Slalom?

At Slalom, we’re agnostic when it comes to tools. We’ve evaluated various partners and vendors to help clients not only modernize but also maintain and evolve their systems by upskilling their workforce and hiring new talent.

Slalom considers the full scope of work required, beyond just getting off the mainframe. Because the real opportunity begins once the migration is complete.

Let’s talk

To get expert advice on your next steps for mainframe modernization, spend a day with Slalom Build and our partners. We offer a free workshop to help you understand what’s involved and what you’ll gain from moving off the mainframe for good.