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Slalom Build and Google have a history of helping our customers succeed together. Slalom brings an understanding of our customers’ business, which pairs with Google’s thought leadership and deep product knowledge, we meet every business where they are.

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Shipping stability

When supply chain executives—whether in planning or execution—have better information based on improved access to data, they’re able to make faster and crisper decisions. That was the thinking that brought global logistics company to Slalom Build: the need for data stability. Their core mission is to help protect and strengthen brands by preventing loss, delay, or damage to cargo by turning information into insight using a blend of people, technology, and processes. They offer global control and oversight of the location and condition of products throughout the supply chain.

Once we got under the hood, we knew they had to first stabilize their legacy system enough to deploy an entirely re-vamped architecture to production, thus paving the way to deprecate the old application. We helped them through their first major deployment in nearly two years and followed it up with a new release that added even more functionality, setting the stage for frequent product updates that will dramatically modernize their business practices.

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