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Why Slalom Build? Honestly, there are a hundred reasons why building your Quality Engineering career at Slalom Build makes sense. But we think we can boil it down to three key points.


Unlike some places where you’re stuck with a single application / system / domain, QEs at Slalom Build move across a diversity of projects and tech stacks so learning is constant, breadth of skill-building is awesome, and innovation and getting better from one project to another is the norm.


We build quality into products WHILE we build the product. It’s not just remediating or refactoring tests and test automation, at Slalom Build we build quality real-time into new stuff.


We have ~200 of the best QEs in the business. So you’re not the lone voice for quality shouting into the wind, you’ll join a community of experts to share with, to lean on, to collaborate, learn, and grow with.

Like finding evil in a tech stack?

Same. And here are some of the functions our expert QEs perform every day.

Modernize the software validation process

Modern software quality spans across capabilities and discourages silos. Teams work together to freely share knowledge, tools, and strategies.

Enable Agile teams to move and respond faster

Agile development. SaaS. Culture of DevOps. Rapid iteration based on customer feedback. Testing can’t get in the way of any of it.

Create confidence and predictability

Teams need to know the product is working. The testing process should never feel disconnected, opaque, or untrustworthy.

Building quality into everything we do:
Our Core Principles

Quality Engineering is how we bring a modern, team-based approach to testing software and data services. Our Core Principles align with Agile principles and seek to empower our QE team members to have conversations, establish behaviors, and set expectations that promote Agile concepts.

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Whole team ownership

Successful, high-quality software delivery requires full involvement from the entire team. Every person must feel accountable for the quality of the deliverable, understand how they contribute to that quality, and actively and enthusiastically execute those responsibilities.

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Empowering teams

Quality Engineers bring expertise in test automation, quality assurance, agile processes, and CI/CD, and more. All of it to empower the whole team by bringing a focus on quality.

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Value of proximity

Success in software development requires effective collaboration between every person on the team. We believe in the benefit of close proximity between development and test activities.

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Automation is critical

The explosion in the complexity of software and the move to iterative and incremental deployment processes makes it impossible to maintain velocity without the benefits of automation

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Interested in learning more?

We don’t blame you. Our QEs are consistently leaders in the field—and they’re not afraid to write about it. Take a peek at some recent articles.

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Quality is never an accident

It takes brilliant people like you. And a great place like this. Ready?

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