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Life sciences is in constant evolution, strongly fueled by advancements in ML and generative AI. We see several key trends driving change across research, pharma, biotech, biopharma, supply chain, manufacturing, and clinical services.

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Innovate with AI and machine learning

To be competitive, organizations are investing in flexible, compliant data foundations that enable AI for table stakes and enterprise use cases.

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Realize the future of sales and experience

Organizations are adapting digital experiences, education, and technologies. The sales rep role requires AI-supported sales tools, predictive analytics, automation, IoT connectivity, and more.

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Navigate M&A complexity

M&A is on the rise, with more dynamic deal structures. Effective integration of data, platforms, and technology following mergers and acquisitions is crucial for maximizing value.

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Optimize the supply chain with generative AI

GenAI can enhance operational efficiency, reduce carbon footprint, and improve cost management. It refines clinical trial processes, reduces waste, and enhances demand-supply planning accuracy.

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Meet demand for personalized medicine and biotech

Personalized medicine is expected to hit $62.5B by 2032, which indicates a shift toward tailored treatments. Next-gen therapies that address a disease’s root causes are at the forefront.

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Increase health equity

To accelerate global health equity, organizations can apply data-driven insights, partner with advocacy groups, foster internal alignment for implementation, and leverage the power of innovative technology.

2024 Slalom industry outlook: Life sciences

Tomorrow’s life sciences technology landscape


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Detecting cervical cancer with ML for earlier treatment

Hologic is working to make life-saving cervical cancer screening faster, more accurate, and available to anyone around the world. Slalom Build helped bring this intelligent healthcare solution to life with ~70% sensitivity compared to human review.

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Approved by FDA

Hologic Genius™ is the first and only FDA-cleared digital cytology platform.



Reduction in false negatives

The Hologic Cervical AI algorithm improves sensitivity without decreasing specificity.



Increase in confidence rate

A Veripad model identifies counterfeit medications with 5-10% higher confidence than humans.

Our thinking in life sciences

How Intelligent Products can rehumanize life sciences

More personalized care with wider reach. Sounds like a paradox, but it’s achievable today. Operationalized AI in the form of Intelligent Products delivers more successful clinical trials, faster diagnoses, and better precision medicine.

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