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Why CDS at Slalom Build?

If you were to engineer the world, would everything be more reliable, intelligent, and secure? Awesome! We’re hiring passionate Cloud, DevOps & Security (CDS) engineers like you to join the Slalom Build team. Here’s more:

Master the technology. Master the universe.

No capability touches as many different technologies as CDS. You’ll work across the board with insight and input into all areas of a solution, gaining mastery in cutting-edge automation capabilities, cloud platforms, and security.

Fast as greased lightning

Your team will be a well-oiled machine—smooth, fast, and effective. You’ll streamline automation and enable security for software and data engineering projects such as large-scale cloud, infrastructure as code, and pipeline implementation projects.

We’re building a dream team

You’ll work with like-minded engineers and architects that put support, transparency, and teamwork into all that they do. CDS leaders are invested in your career growth technically and will help you meet your goals.

Optimizing software delivery

We exist to enable and optimize our customers and builders to make disruption a reality. We relentlessly push the limits of DevOps, SecOps and cloud technologies to stay on the cutting edge of software delivery patterns to help our customers and builders deliver faster and with more efficiency than ever before. Our techniques are agnostic of the domain or capability and are a fundamental aspect of building great software. It’s about laying the tracks for successful delivery by including the differentiating techniques that take software teams from good to great. You’ll be a part of a team that:

Champions and drives security more principles so they’re integral to every aspect of the software and infrastructure delivery cycle.

Accelerates and automates development with build/test/deploy pipelines so software delivery is fast, consistent, and predictable.

Creates modern platforms to enable organizations to unleash new products, advance their business intelligence and build out AI/ML capabilities.

Inspires solution confidence and enables access to valuable insights that build greater software and team performance.

Culture, collaboration, efficiency, speed.

Building products without security is like walking a tightrope without a net. We integrate and automate security early in the product cycle and create a culture that thinks about application and infrastructure from the start.

By creating the strategies, policies, and processes, CDS engineers build and safeguard the entire DevOps environment enabling our clients to use modern platforms to make real-time decisions that fuel innovation.

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CDS engineers are champions in their field. Take a peek at some recent videos and articles that showcase our champs, how they got into their career, and their view on the future for CDS engineering.

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Join us each month as a new Slalom Build CDS engineer is interviewed. Learn about about their various career paths, and exactly what a day in the life of CDS entails.

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