Transactional vs Transformational

The ever-changing and always-expanding nature of technology in business has spotlighted one simple fact: all companies are—or need to soon become—technology companies.

And we believe the path forward involves changing from transactional thinking to a transformational mindset.

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True transformation: essential, elusive

Problem is, true digital transformation isn't easy. Recent studies show that 70% of efforts fall well short of their stated goals. And that can have disastrous effects, now and into the future. Over thousands of projects for hundreds of clients, we've developed several strategies to counter some of the most common transactional traps, to create real, lasting transformation.

In this whitepaper you'll learn how to recognize as well as overcome common barriers in:

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Cloud migration vs Cloud modernization

Not a destination, but a journey. Go beyond simple migrations and embrace systemic modernization at scale.

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Software engineering vs Product engineering

Modern, scalable, easy-to-use software creation requires an expanded, holistic approach involving a variety of skills.

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Tactical POC vs Innovation culture

POCs can make for better POVs, but it can't stop there. It's just one step in creating a culture of innovation.

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Data migration vs Data modernization

Not just lift & shift. Layers of legacy code have to be tracked down, understood, or fixed. There's a better, more complete way.

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Job roles vs Product outcomes

Scope, complexity, ambiguity, and velocity have created the need for a new approach to hiring and upskilling.

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