Intelligent Products for Healthcare

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation are helping provide more accessible, equitable healthcare to more patients.

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We’re excited about all the ways Intelligent Products can benefit patients and professionals in different healthcare organizations.

Intelligent Products are leveling barriers to healthcare, letting humans do more of what they’re best at, while performing functions that humans can’t.

Synthesize diagnostic data to help providers with decision-making.

Identify patients at high risk for preventable harm such as sepsis, even before symptoms manifest.

Develop more effective personalized treatment plans.

Monitor and assess patients remotely using wearable devices or home equipment.

Automate administrative tasks so staff can spend more time on direct patient care.

Optimize energy efficiency in hospitals and reduce unnecessary tests and procedures.

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Scaling the human touch with a cloud-native platform

Cecelia Health and Slalom Build partnered to transform their first-gen ecosystem and grow their personalized patient services.

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