Cloud migration
vs Cloud modernization

Cloud migration = transactional. Cloud modernization = transformational. Which way are you headed?

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The cloud is only a destination. If you want to modernize, you’ll need it to do more.

When it comes to cloud migration services, there’s often a lot of head nodding. But when it comes to cloud modernization, well, there’s generally more head scratching.

What’s the difference between the two?

The first is driven by a transactional need—the latter by a clear intention to transform a business through innovation.

Becoming a modern technology company

Organizations that have a siloed and transactional approach to the cloud rarely see transformative outcomes because the cloud is neither a destination nor a solution. It’s simply the infrastructure that allows for scale and automation.

For transformative cloud migration solutions, starting with a well-planned cloud modernization strategy is the best way to achieve an efficient cloud migration that delivers real value, true transformation.

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Start transforming your business with cloud modernization

Download our Cloud Transformation white paper and learn how your cloud migration strategy can evolve to deliver true cloud modernization.

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Learn why it’s best to start small, skill up, then build for continuous innovation.

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Discover how to innovate for transformation throughout your cloud journey.

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See how shifting the mindset from Transactional vs. Transformational can boost your people, clients, and business outcomes.

Download the whitepaper

Check out our Cloud Transformation whitepaper to learn how your modernization strategy can deliver far greater value than just the migration itself.

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Transactional vs Transformational

If you missed it, check out the Transactional vs Transformational whitepaper here. Lots of great transformational content!

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