What We Do

Our craft
is to build.

By blending design, product engineering, analytics, and automation, we build the modern technology products of tomorrow.

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Shaping tomorrow's experiences

From cutting-edge mobile POS systems to field applications that prioritize service needs, to IoT products that connect people with devices and augment their experiences. The breadth of expertise and experience of our teams helps Slalom Build stand out.

made better

We believe that every great modern technology product is a seamless blend of four key elements – each relying on the other, each contributing to the others’ success.


User-Centered Experience

To the user, the interface is the product. We build experiences that are personalized in their context and so natural, they simply feel like an extension of the person that is using them.

Product Engineering

Product Mindset

Building today requires the skill of a craftsperson and the creativity of an innovator. Our approach to building consumer-grade products is flexible, disciplined, repeatable, and uncompromisingly focused on quality.


Built-in IQ

Building products absent of analytics-driven insight is no longer an option. We build modern data platforms that embed insights, real-time, into the flow of business processes at transaction speed.


Automated, Resilient Platforms

At Slalom Build, we leverage modern platforms and automation to drive resilience, extensibility, and scale for both products and the infrastructure they are built on.

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Slalom brought key advantages to the table – the ability to partner in a flexible and unique way, raw technical talent, and a development methodology that provided clarity up front and drove success.

— Ashutosh Tiwary,  Vice President & GM of Cloud,  Teradata

This is how we do It

Each product has its unique characteristics. Each client their own needs. Somewhere in the space between enforcement and improvisation is a sensible, human way to deliver the highest-quality outcomes at unreal velocity. Our Product Engineering Methodology (PEM) is a living, breathing delivery framework in which we arrange people, skillsets, and ideas into fluid, agile teams. It’s flexible, rigorous, time-tested. And since we built it, it’s ours to share with you.

Our Methodology

Building the foundation

Leaning into our relentless optimism, as well as the time-tested discipline of our Product Engineering Methodology (PEM), we progressively guide nascent ideas from planning and conception through confident realization. Our Build Centers are stocked with the engineers, makers, planners, architects, and designers who make innovation move. They bring together their complementary skills to work in teams, in total rhythm with our clients, in specific areas of experience.

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Solution Owners are lead-from-the-front technology and agile delivery experts who are dedicated to a single project. They partner with clients to translate requirements into actions and lead multifunctional teams in realizing great work.

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We design experiences that are easy to use, beautiful, and purposeful. We explore the complete human journey to create a fully aligned, context-driven experience, and help companies reach their audiences and design products that deeply resonate with them.

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Software Engineering is about code, pure and simple. Whether it’s compiled or interpreted, n-tier or serverless, our engineers build custom, fast, clean, and reliable code that drives business outcomes for our clients every day.

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Data is the central nervous system of the product. We take it in its raw format and elegantly engineer, transform, model, and stream it into the fabric of modern products and amazing customer experiences.

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We envision, design, and build digital experiences for brands that attract, engage, convert, and retain customers in key moments of their journey. And we do it in a way that allows our clients to easily measure, analyze, and improve these experiences wherever their customers are.

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We are experts in quality. Period. Working closely with software engineers, designers, and solution owners, we deliver quality in an agile and iterative way. We believe in the holistic integration of this skill to ensure we build products that meet customer needs every time.

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We bring together strong architecture, engineering, and automation expertise to support companies across a range of scenarios with a laser-like focus on making the power of the cloud real.

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We see a world where builders embrace production without fear of the pager. We combine software & systems engineering expertise to bring a team-based, automated approach to building and operating modern technology – ensuring our products are resilient through the entire lifecycle.

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Our technology partners

Our passion for technology is matched only by our pride in partnering with some of the world’s leading software and service providers. We team up with Amazon Web Services, Google, and Microsoft because they share our obsession for working collaboratively to build the highest-quality customer-focused solutions for our clients. And together, we don’t just build software, we promise results.

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