Intelligent Products for Life Sciences

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation are transforming life sciences. Learn how we’re helping drive advanced human outcomes across the patient care continuum.

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We’re helping all domains in Life Sciences drive new innovation through AI/ML for the benefit of advanced patient outcomes.

Intelligent Products are helping the life sciences industry develop more personalized care for more people at the same time.

Analyze scans to diagnose conditions earlier and more quickly.

Predict patient responses to treatment with AI.

Optimize manufacturing and distribution to improve access to care.

Make supply chains more efficient.

Find meaningful patterns in big data such as medical records.

Improve clinical trial outcomes by identifying candidates more quickly and automating administrative tasks.

Pinpoint the best drug protocols for individual patients to increase treatment effectiveness and minimize side effects.

Using AI to advance cervical cancer screening for all

Hologic is working to make life-saving cervical cancer screening faster, more accurate, and available to anyone around the world.

Hologic case study

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