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The Impossible Factory™ helps you turn cutting-edge ideas into reality, streamlining innovation, and conquering technology challenges with an expert-led, action-oriented approach.

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Achieve rapid innovation

Move from idea to working code in days and weeks, not months and years for any number of new ideas.

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See it, solve it

Ensure new innovations have lasting impact by building organizational alignment through visual and functional problem-solving.

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Avoid analysis paralysis

Move rapidly through ideation and business case development with our highly expedited evaluation process.

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Prioritize winners, every time

Identify and prioritize the right ideas with the highest potential ROI and build the roadmap to realize it.

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Test and learn

Work with something real from the get-go, based on testing and learning from actual customer audiences.

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Navigate technology challenges

Navigate through change fatigue and technology investment challenges with our expert guidance.

Get ready to

  • Decide which ideas are worth building
  • Align key stakeholders across business units
  • Make a go, or no-go decision
  • Mobilize strategy, design and development
  • Build, test, and refine new products with users
  • Do all of this in weeks, not months

How it works

The Impossible Factory™ can help you show value in days and weeks – not months and years. Work towards achieving your vision with a uniquely collaborative and transparent approach that empowers your team. Here’s how it works.

Featured Case Study

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Accelerating decarbonization with AI-driven innovation

Through The Impossible Factory, a company rapidly developed its AI capabilities. It has established an AI Center of Excellence, which now has multiple use cases in testing and development.
The organization has also streamlined the innovation process with measurable KPIs, accelerating its AI integration and decarbonization initiatives.


Use cases assessed & prioritized

Scoped and prioritized over 40 use cases in 3 weeks.


Business value recognized

Identified more than $50M in business value across use cases.


Business units engaged

Engaged over 12 business units.

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