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Some things just add up

Why Slalom Build? Because we’re BIG on data and even BIGGER on people. A few reasons why Data Engineers like you love working at Slalom Build:

You make amazing digital products

We’re hyper-focused on building real products. That means each and every day, you get to develop smart, cutting-edge products using data and ML, gaining a wealth of experience and expertise along the way.

You eat, breathe, and live new technologies. Daily.

Don’t worry. We’re not a one-trick pony. You’ll have a field day using advanced BI, AI and ML to make experiences smarter across an unmatched breadth and depth of platforms and product possibilities.

There are no lone wolves here

We’re a pack. Every opinion matters to our close team of Software Engineers, Solution Owners, Quality Engineers, Designers, and DevOps Engineers. Mentoring and learning from each other is what we do.

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We turn data dreams into
experience realities

Why Slalom Build? Because we’re BIG on data and even BIGGER on people. A few reasons why Data Engineers like you love working at Slalom Build:

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Build data platforms, pipelines, and databases.

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We have a passion for patterns and algorithms.

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Use AI and ML to make applications and experiences smarter.

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We fuel data-driven orgs with modern platforms, advanced business intelligence, and AI/ML.

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Mentor and are mentored by others, growing and working with diverse teams.

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We power the products of tomorrow.

Data is building the future

Our current and future customers (and their customers) are demanding intelligent products. Period. And building the future requires data engineering and machine learning to unlock the magic.

Machine Learning will become standard in every product

Interfaces react and features change based on behavior. We apply ML to every engineering craft we perform: data science, software engineering, quality engineering, and automation.

Building products without data is like building cars without drivetrains

Data engineering is a part of every scrum team that makes modern products a reality. Every product we build involves a team focused on enabling data.

Companies use modern data platforms to make real-time decisions

And they need modern data platforms to ingest and allow for decisions around innovation that meet new customer opportunities. Fast.

Interested in learning more?

We don’t blame you. Turns out, our DEs are leaders in the field. Take a peek at some recent articles and case studies about the work we do.

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The Data Kitchen

Forrest Gump sure was right about those chocolates: you never know what you’re going to get. That untouched, slightly strange looking chocolate just might be the one that changes the trajectory of your career.

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Spot Skeletons in your Closet

Let me be clear, I don’t intend to spy on you or reveal your inner demons this Halloween. Instead, we are going to try to detect some real “skeletons” or “monsters” in an absolutely literal terrifying kind of way. Read on to see what I mean.

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Waterfalls, high seas & turning tides: AI on the high seas

When a 70-year-old Japanese manufacturing company wanted to disrupt its business model – and the entire shipping industry – they called on Slalom Build.

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