Intelligent Products for Media and Communications

Products that improve automatically through experience and data using Machine Learning are transforming media and communications. Learn how we’re helping companies optimize the customer experience to cater to people in a broader way.

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We’re helping all domains within media and communications use AI/ML to secure successful outcomes for their digital transformation initiatives.

Intelligent products have the power to help media and communications companies innovate by making it easier to:

Personalize consumer experiences by developing recommendation engines fine-tuned to individual behavior

Deliver a conversational customer experience for service & support interactions

Perform predictive maintenance & analytics on infrastructure and hardware

Gather data from testing for iterative processes & pre-releases to show metrics to investors

Maximize market penetration, deliver finer content creation, and determine what to invest in

Generate or remix artistic assets to continuously provide variation and engagement for consumers

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Changing the way customers watch TV

Charter Communications is adapting its traditional video model to make its content available on mobile devices – meeting customers on their terms while delivering a consistent customer experience across all Charter platforms.

Charter case study

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