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We build connections. Bridges between our clients and possibility. Between our people and the future they want to inhabit.

We're for builders

We have the amazing privilege to make the absolutely coolest stuff, in inspiring workspaces (or flexible arrangements, as needs may dictate) with the latest technology and the newest skill-expanding techniques. Get ready to unpack some adjectives.

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Live and work your way

There’s work life and life life. And we think it’s time they got together for good. Calibrated to your needs, to your life, we want every builder to be happy, healthy, engaged, supported and absolutely inspired. Every day.

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Your health is our well-being. We give you all the tools to take care of both, including dental, vision, alternative treatments and a whole host of flexible options.

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Time off

You do you. And sometimes that takes time. We offer competitive PTO options designed to help you get the most from your time here.

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Family leave

Life happens. And we want you to be able to be there when it does. Generous family leave policy lets you take care of who needs you most.

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Employee assistance plan

Sometimes you need us to go above and beyond. Our EAP offers help for a wide variety of everyday and long-term challenges, to support your emotional and physical well-being.

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Professional development

When you’re a builder, you’re a builder for life. And our goal is to always help you along your journey with generous learning and growth programmes.

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Financial programmes

Helping you navigate the complexities of today’s financial instruments. A tailored 401k matching programme, tax-advantage accounts like FSA & HSA and more. So you can get the most from your money.

Bring your whole you

Because that’s the you we want. Slalom Build is a welcoming, inclusive, open space for people to build their fullest potential. By encouraging inclusion, by actively promoting a wide diversity of thought, opinion and background, Slalom Build becomes the strongest partner possible for our clients – and the greatest advocate for the future of our people.

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Hackathons, with a twist.

Curiosity, collaboration, community. And time? Our hackathons are multi-month journeys of discovery, reflection, ideation and iteration. They encourage us to share our expertise and ideas, to fail fast and prove quickly. And while we’re advancing our skills and pushing the boundaries of possibility, we’re also piloting meaningful advances for clients, technology and some of society’s greatest challenges.

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Internship programme:
learning by doing

There’s nothing quite like the opportunity to jump into a project, eyes wide and sleeves rolled up, to really understand how something is created. As a Slalom Build intern you’ll be working on real projects for real clients in real teams gaining real experience. For real.

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Thoughtful in all things build

OK, we’ll say it: we’ve got some big brains walking around these corridors. And unsurprisingly, those brains are apt to have something to say. The Blueprint is your guide for creating what’s next for businesses, industries and each other.

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By builders, for builders

Where the technical peeps go to play, the Build Blog digs into the nitty-gritty of building great technology, by the people doing it every day.

The Build Blog

Builders welcome!

Ready to get started doing the kind of work you were born to do? Good. We’re excited to talk. Check out what we’ve got available and let’s get to work!

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