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Intelligent Products

Improving the customer experience with Intelligent Products for Media & Communications

By Slalom Build

With massive disruption and upheaval in the media and communications (M&C) industry it seems like uncertainty is the only thing we can really be certain of.

Companies are becoming mission-driven to meet increasing customer demands. However, doing so has become a challenge as customers are always on the go using smart connected devices.

And that makes personalization more critical than ever.

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Data is the differentiator
Data is the differentiator

Effectively using data will set you apart. Becoming a data-powered organization ensures you can identify opportunities and fend off threats, as well as better equip your company to:

  • obtain meaningful insights to cater to and anticipate customers’ needs
  • deliver meaningful, individualized customer experiences
  • provide simple, automatic, frictionless experiences across all touchpoints
  • add value to people’s lives and save them time
  • and more.

Over the next five years, 90% of all data will be unstructured. New capabilities are required to ensure it’s properly transformed to be used effectively for customer engagement. [1]

No doubt you already have a considerable volume and variety of information available. Intelligent products help you make this data work harder, accelerating your ability to deliver exceptional experiences.

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Intelligent products help you become customer-centric

Intelligent products bring together and process vast amounts of information from across an organization. They span every point of contact—website, mobile app, retail store, live entertainment event, call center, production studio, deliver transformation within each area. Most importantly, they support your effort to improve every aspect of customer experience.

Let’s get more specific here and look at the role intelligent products can play in improving the customer experience for M&C companies.

Film & Television

Some of us (ahem, me) like to watch Grey’s Anatomy on both our TVs and iPads. Omni-channel content consumption poses a targeting and measurement challenge for companies who want to provide customized offers, recommendations, and targeted advertising rather than use scattershot tactics.

Intelligent products solve this by providing highly individualized personalization and recommendations using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

In addition to advertising benefits, intelligent products support the quality of video content for film and television. Consider using intelligent products to:

  • predict demand for improved streaming quality
  • help viewers identify actors, products, a narrator’s voice, or a location
  • empower viewers to watch the exact parts of the video they wish to see E.G., the play before the interception
  • conduct automated subtitle checks

Taking any available opportunity to enhance the viewing experience is worthwhile, leading to more satisfied customers, higher retention rates, and reduced churn.


The American Customer Satisfaction Index has consistently reported that internet service providers and subscription television services have the least-satisfied customers. [2] In fact, a recent survey revealed that only 21% of telecom industry firms are considered customer experience leaders. [3]

Consumers have a growing number of options for communication and internet services. Competition is intensifying, as are expectations.

Intelligent products can help providers deliver seamless experiences that attract and retain customers by:

  • reducing disruption from scheduled maintenance or downtime by enhancing predictive and pre-emptive maintenance
  • providing workers with the necessary insights required to perform work efficiently and quickly on the first visit
  • enabling self-healing networks that learn from data to fix themselves
  • increasing speed to execution and improving decision making with software that sees patterns in complex data
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With AI and ML, journalists have access to both a bounty of data and the tools needed to crunch it into something of value. Automation and fact checking using intelligent products helps them bring essential information to people faster and more accurately.

Leveraging AI and ML-based tools helps media professionals satisfy people’s desire to be immediately well-informed. Delivering on this wish increases loyalty towards their preferred media outlet(s).

Intelligent products also help you to:

  • deliver deeper, more personalized content and media experiences. Data-driven polls serve to increase user engagement making sure the audience is an active participant
  • develop targeted ads that are relevant and speak directly to consumers
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Sports & Gaming

Sports is an area that’s ripe for disruption. A golden opportunity for personalization of broadcast personalization exists. But there remains a great deal to be done to make this a reality.

Intelligent products help sports media generate customized videos automatically in real time. Fans will appreciate the convenience as they can experience events how they want, regardless of platform. Overall, the viewing experience can be more compelling and fan-centric than today’s broadcasts.

Predictive models and data processing ensures companies can organize, create, and distribute compelling content. The resulting data is primed for statistical analysis, with broadcasters gaining the chance to provide real-time explanations of matches, results, and plays.

The desire for personalization and customization is also present in the gaming industry. Extending a game’s lifespan based on their unique preferences ensures gamers always have an outlet for their creativity and ever-evolving content that keeps them immersed and engaged.

Speaking of immersive experiences, raise your controller if you’re interested in unlocking user experiences with virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Intelligent products can help create increasingly realistic situations for gameplay in virtual environments, as well as for live events and video entertainment.

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It’s time for smarter customer experiences

As you explore future solutions and platforms to accelerate growth, adjust to trends, and keep up with the competition, it’s important to keep your customers top of mind. Customer experience-driven companies expand their business and attract new prospects at a much higher rate than their competitors. [4]

Intelligent products open the door to superior experiences that inspire, entertain, and educate. These dynamic, advanced technology products turn mountains of your historical data into actionable insights and opportunities for deeper personalization.

Check out our whitepaper for a complete view of what intelligent products can do for you. Or contact us to set up a time for a workshop for us to collaborate and brainstorm ways for you to support the customer’s journey using intelligent products.

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