Take advantage of our revolutionary Financial Services Customer Experience (CX) Engine designed for financial institutions seeking speed and personalization.

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Lightflow is a banking customer experience engine, built on AWS, that provides a real-time, comprehensive view of customer data to enable personalized experiences and improve operational efficiencies.

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Customer-centric development

Enables your bank to connect with customers through a wide range of channels and across all banking products providing a consistent and personalized experience across all touchpoints.

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Data-driven strategy

Automatically generate an intelligent data infrastructure that creates a rich back-end modern data architecture supporting the creation of advanced analytics and insights for better customer engagement.

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Rapid & tight core banking system integration

Integrate seamlessly with existing core banking systems eliminating the need for complex and time-consuming data migrations to access real-time customer data and transactions.

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Enhanced customer engagement

Iteratively use advanced analytics to develop personalized service experiences, product recommendations, and targeted offers based on customer behavior, preferences, and financial goals.

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Intelligent experience solution

Trust a secure, reliable, and scalable solution for customer contact and engagement. Easily scale to accommodate growing customer bases and peak demand periods.

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Robust security & compliance

Leverage AI and ML to drive hyper-personalization realized from the constant collection and refinement of customer data points across all touchpoints.

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